Thursday, 23 October 2014

2014 communicatetion

                       How we communicate in 2014

Over the past weeks Mrs Cameron gave us a task. It was about communication in the past. We had to go in a group of four and we would be given a year, our year was 2014. We had to show people how we communicate in 2014 and my group also created a timeline about communications apps, and when they were invented. We also got given packs of information - we watch videos, books and we searched for information.

Here is the link to the document - Timeline
And here is out script - Script

Preview YouTube video How to communicate in 2014

Monday, 22 September 2014

The Tempest

For the last 7 weeks we have been practising for the tempest we will have 5 shows to do. The tempest is a William Shakespeare play its all a big storm and people going to kill people and at the end everybody forgives each over.. I was Ariel's sprite there was six of us. Kate, Summer, Anabelle, Caitlin, Ella and me. We had to help cast the storm, we stole the kings son and we also told every one that Ariel wants to be free Here is some photos if us. In the first photo I am the second sprite and on the last photo I am the second sprite. I really enjoyed doing the tempest and I hope you did to!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Optimist Yacht

This week we are going to Pandora pond to go optimist yachting. We have to come in warm clothes and bring spare shoes, towels and a wet suit. We have also been making paper optimist yachts. Here is my optimist yacht. We had to follow the instructions. When we do go to Pandora pond we have to go in pairs or three.
My group is Charlotte, Harriet and Me. Hopefully we won't capsize!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

The three little pigs

Over the last two weeks we have been asked to write a story about a fairy tale but we had change it a bit to show persuasive writing. I chose the three little pigs and when we printed off the story we had to draw one of the main people in the story so I drew the Big Bad Wolf.

The Three Little Pigs.                          

Once upon a time there was a big wolf and he had a pet mouse called Larry. Larry was a cute puppy and one day Larry ran away. When I was wondering where Larry might of ran, I looked out the window and saw my neighbour's house. So I walked to my first  neighbours house.. The pig who lived there was called Bob and I ask if he could come inside to look.. Bob said ‘No’ because of my  history with pigs. I was not going to give up that easily so I ran into the door. The house was made out of straw so it flew down and I walk in and found Bod lying beside the fire cooking.   

I thought about what should I do with a dead pig. My mummy said not to waste food.  I thought I might as well have some bacon for dinner.  I walked away still wondering where Larry went I was thinking about his big cute eyes and I said to myself, ”I am not giving  up.”

I went to the next neighbours house and in this house was a pig called Jade.. I walked to the door and asked if I could come in and Jade said ‘’No’’ with my history with pigs I ran into the door thinking it would fall but it didn’t so I walked away with a little smile.  All of a sudden BANG! The house blew up and I walked in looking for Larry and I saw Jade lying there all burnt and he thought to myself my mummy always said not to waste food so I thought I might have some ham for dinner so I ate Jade.

The next neighbour's was the smartest in town and she built her house out of bricks her name is Charlotte. I knocked on the door and asked if I could come in and look for Larry and let me guess she said ‘’no’’ because of my history with pigs so I thought how could I get in. I can't blow it down I have run out of bombs, what should I do? So I thought what about climbing in the window. I try that and I sneak around and look for a window. I found one and I see Larry eating the chicken inside and when Larry sees me he runs to me and licks my face and all of a sudden AAH!! Charlotte yells out for help and she is running around the house yelling for help. I run away when she bangs her head on the stove in her house . I had roast pork and I gave some to Larry.  

The next thing I know it there are cops outside so I fake death, when they come in they see me and leave. I decide to wake up when they leave and when I read the newspaper the next day it says that the big wolf has died and they put in a whole different story that's fake cause they think that a wolf that’s looking for his pet puppy is rubbish so that’s the real story.

Georgia Maidens

Here is a picture



For maths this week we have been learning about angle like acute angle, reflex angle, right angle, straight angle and obtuse angle. When we were done we had to do a quiz about angles and I got 8/10. I had lots of fun learning about angles.

Here is a website with all of the angles on it.
Maths is fun

Here is a image of the angles.

Friday, 22 August 2014

The Tempest

The Tempest

This term we have been doing the tempest and for homework we had to make a conversation with Prospero and Caliban. We could chose what it could be about and this is my conversation.

‘’Finally peace and quiet,’’ said Prospero as he walk to the chair.
‘’Master,’’ said Caliban as he slowly crawled out of his cave.
‘’Shh,’’ yelled Prospero. He raised his staff warning CalIban.
‘’But master you said that you will let me free after I do this job and have finished,’’ said Caliban in a scared voice.
‘’No you ungrateful creature,’’ yelled Prospero as he walked to Caliban.
‘’But master,’’ said Caliban ‘’It’s is not fair.’’ He backed away from Prospero.
‘’Hush now don't forget that your mother had you cage up for years and I was the one who let you free,’’ he yelled with temper.
‘’But master.’’ He back away even more.
‘’I have ask you to be quiet and you are not so you shall pay,’’ he raises his staff and...
‘’You shall turn into a monster,’’ yelled Prospero.
‘’No,’’ yelled Caliban as he turned into a yucky sinky monster.
‘’Now get to work.’’yelled Prospero as he walked back to his chair.
‘’NO THIS IS NOT FAIR,’’moaned Caliban then he ran away and he was never to be seen ever again



This week we have been doing water paint and this will be our calender art.We had to do a one - point perspective and the theme was a town.

                                                                 This is my art