Friday, 22 August 2014

The Tempest

The Tempest

This term we have been doing the tempest and for homework we had to make a conversation with Prospero and Caliban. We could chose what it could be about and this is my conversation.

‘’Finally peace and quiet,’’ said Prospero as he walk to the chair.
‘’Master,’’ said Caliban as he slowly crawled out of his cave.
‘’Shh,’’ yelled Prospero. He raised his staff warning CalIban.
‘’But master you said that you will let me free after I do this job and have finished,’’ said Caliban in a scared voice.
‘’No you ungrateful creature,’’ yelled Prospero as he walked to Caliban.
‘’But master,’’ said Caliban ‘’It’s is not fair.’’ He backed away from Prospero.
‘’Hush now don't forget that your mother had you cage up for years and I was the one who let you free,’’ he yelled with temper.
‘’But master.’’ He back away even more.
‘’I have ask you to be quiet and you are not so you shall pay,’’ he raises his staff and...
‘’You shall turn into a monster,’’ yelled Prospero.
‘’No,’’ yelled Caliban as he turned into a yucky sinky monster.
‘’Now get to work.’’yelled Prospero as he walked back to his chair.
‘’NO THIS IS NOT FAIR,’’moaned Caliban then he ran away and he was never to be seen ever again

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